Invdreams takes up a challenging health care project for BODHI Medical Care, New York.-

New York, USA Oct 04

Invdreams Technologies is working on a challenging project for Bodhi Medical Care, LLC, a health care initiative based in New York, serving professionals from around the world and supporting health improvement projects in various parts of the world.


Invdreams signs with Black Book for the first time as one of its advertising media. -

New Jersey, February 01

Invdreams opens its new door towards creative industry by providing designs and services. Invdreams signs up with the Black Book for its advertising purposes in the United States. Creative industry being one of the biggest industry, Invdreams believes its innovative cutting edge designs provide a effective solution to the industry.


Invdreams ties up with New York based clients providing cutting edge integrated designs

New York, October 09

Invdreams, a New York based IT company tied up with New York based clients today. Invdreams has a track record of providing cutting edge technology services in industries such as web designing, web development, Google SEO, security, etc. Now, with this new venture, Invdreams has taken its first step towards providing cutting edge integrated designs. With this new development, New Yorkers are confident that they would get the long sought service and technology they have been seeking for so long.


Invdreams owns world's fastest servers for hosting solutions

New York, September 26

New York based IT Company Invdreams is claimed to have the fastest service for hosting solutions in the country. This is a competition over leading hosting service providers like yahoo and hotmail., the hosting service provided by Invdreams provides various free services like free domain names, free blogs, etc.


Invdreams Goes Live over web with New Designs and Services

New York, August 06

Invdreams went live with its full fledged, fully functional web-site today, providing a sneak peak into all its services and a link to all its affiliates. A New York small size company dedicated towards providing cutting edge technological services, provides its services in various countries, including India, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America. The president is very enthusiastic about this new development. He believes that this step is a new stepping stone towards achieving the company’s goal in becoming the world leader’s in web-services.


New Technology Age Designers join Hands with Invdreams

New York, August 08

Ten new designers joined Invdreams today. These designers have a track record of being the best in the industry. They are expected to bring new developments with the R&D work the company is working on. The President and Founder, and a Designer/Developer himself trusts this new hiring will bring new enthusiasm and trustful soul into the company.



New Humanoid Robot Design of Invdreams under Patent

New York, July 03

A Humanoid Robot developed by the Invdreams team has been submitted for Patent today. Innovative ideas form the core part of Invdreams. The company provides services in Web-Design and Development, Google SEO, E-Commerce, Ad services, server maintenance services, AutoCAD design and development, Internet marketing and domain services. Today, they took their first step in achieving the most sought Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an achievable, cutting edge technology service.


Google Optimization Team gains higher profits

New York, April 20

Team Invdreams today announced that their Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team has achieved a 200% growth over their previous quarter. A new company, owned by a Master’s student, Invdreams is the Dream child of Mr. Arun Hegde. Coming up in India, he dreamt of achieving success by servicing the world market, providing excellent service and newer, faster, safer cutting edge technologies to the technological world. Through Invdreams, he is getting closer to achieving that dream


Invdreams bags a new Project from American Association on Medical Research

New York, March 18

Invdreams became successful in pocketing a new project from American Association on Medical Research, based at New York. With this project, Invdreams has also entered the pharmaceutical industry, capturing the market from the leaders in the Industry.



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