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Innovation is the key to success of any research oriented organization and that's the secret of Invdreams. Invdreams provides you the best technology services in terms of innovation and latest technology. Cutting edge technology solutions are one of our secrets towards success, which we have been successful in delivering whenever required.


Products & Services: Invdreams Research & Development aims at building technology products serving both in the financial industry and technology industry. Our expertise involves development of products for real-time data feed processing/business transactions for financial industry, robotics industry, telecommunications and multimedia/creative industry.


Invdreams Worldwide


Application Development: Invdreams application development sector is powered by global real-time architectural design & development support which can help build powerful cutting edge technological applications. We at Invdreams have been awarded the best architectural design award of 2006 for our excellent demonstration of deployment of real time data analysis for financial applications.

Here are some of key areas of our work:

      Mobile Development

      Web application development

o       Includes premium web designing, content development

      Multi Media / Creative Industry

      Industrial Applications – Invdreams Automation Sector         

o       Interface programming

      Industrial Fabrications and Design

      Robotics Design & Development


Technologies we have expertise at

       .NET technologies ( ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# ) , Java , J2EE ,JSP, PHP, AJAX

Creative/ Multimedia:

-         3D MAX, MAYA, Macromedia FLASH, Dream weaver, Adobe Photoshop

Architecture/ Mechanical fabrication & Design:

-          AUTOCAD, ProE, Catia, Architectural Desktop


Research & Development:  Invdreams hubs on of the unique Research & Development having diverse culture worldwide with its powerful technology geek squad specialists. We at Invdreams have integrated our Global Team with diverse areas of interest to contribute towards cutting edge technology solutions to the world of business and technology. Our Research Center is powered by innovation in the fields of Robotics, Telecommunications and Internet Technologies.  We wish to see the world of Innovation through Invdreams in the the coming years ahead.


Please  have a look over our Services Section for details regarding our services.

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